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Oxygen Compressors

PRYES – Oxygen Plant air compressor finds intensive usage in air separation industries and gas plants also. Equipped with powerful motors, our compressor is that a good choice that clients will simply rely on. we have a tendency to create an accessible oxygen/gas Plant compressor with four-stage balance double-acting reciprocatory inline compressors. we offer compressors with completely different specifications that simply meet the varied needs of the clients. 

How does oxygen compressor works? 

The movement mechanism of the mechanical device consists of a shaft, rod, piston, and different elements. the crank rod mechanism is driven by the electric motor through the belt to drive the shaft of the mechanical device to rotate, the shaft drives the rod, and also the connecting drives the piston to form the reciprocal linear motion, inflicting the cylinder volume to vary, as a result of the automated valve determines the cylinder’s intake and exhaust method, therefore on accomplishing the aim of accelerating the force per unit area. One rotation of the shaft completes an operating cycle and also the gas with lower pressure enters the cylinders through the suction port and is compressed into gas with high for discharge.

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