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Compressed Air Treatment Equipment

Air Compressor Line Filters

Air line filters remove dust and other harmful particles from compressed air. Like the membrane air dryer, the particulate filter uses a membrane that only lets air pass through and blocks other contaminants like dust, pollen and dirt.

Air compressor filters, or air line filters, protect air compressors by preventing liquids and solid contaminants from entering compression assemblies. Compressed air contains significant amounts of oil, water and dirt, as well as other particulates that may even include heavy metals such as lead or mercury.

Air quality is essential, where specific air quality requirements depend on the needs of your application and production equipment.

Our highly efficient line filters play a vital role in filtering out impurities such as solid particles, moisture and oil aerosols or vapor. By minimizing pressure drops, we help you achieve your energy saving targets.

Minimize pressure drops

Our filters reduce pressure drop by 40% and save on energy consumption.

Long lifetime

Our stainless-steel filter cores are designed to withstand pressures differences, protecting the integrity of the filter.

Easy maintenance

Our push-on filter element simplifies installation and maintenance. Reliability is ensured by the double O-rings that eliminate leakage of unfiltered air.

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