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Trusted brand name is PRYES by PRS Compressors  PRS Compressors, our aim is not only selling air compressors but also to focus on compressors quality that enables its user to get maximum and optimum value on investment of the compressors. Hence PRS air compressors design, develop and delivers air compressors in India with unmatched quality […]

Screw Air Compressor Machine

A screw compressor, compresses air or gas via positive displacement via rotary motion. The heavy-duty machinery can compress more air than the more traditional piston compressors, making it ideal for industrial applications. A screw compressor has a more duty cycle, which enables continuous operation compared to a piston compressor, which typically requires a break to […]

Oil-Free Air Compressors How Do They Work?

The quality of compressed air is solely dependent on its degree of purity. Oil exposure makes it more difficult to maintain clean air, which raises your costs, especially if you utilise more and more air in your operation. Numerous businesses are switching to oil-less or lubricant-free air compressors to address this issue. Oil-free compressors are […]

Scroll Air Compressor Machine benefits

Scroll Air Compressor Scroll Compressors are a traditional form of compressors that are mainly used in refrigeration and cooling systems. Scroll compressor operation often uses two scrolls, one stationary and another one orbiting around to create mechanical energy. Scroll air compressors are ideal for continuous airflow for a long period which is a higher demand […]


Air Compressor is broadly utilized in clinical industry. Pharma organizations additionally use air blowers to supply air to clinical gadgets. Did you realize that Pharmaceutical Industry in India positions fourth on the planet, relating to the volume of deals? The development pace of the Healthcare business fragment in India is 13% year over year, with […]


GAS COMPRESSORS A gas compressor is a machine that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. The compression of gas naturally increases its temperature level. When the gas is air, the machine is termed an air compressor. Types of Gas Compressors POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT A positive displacement compressor is a system that compresses […]

Why Should You Get a Scroll Compressor?

Scroll Air Compressor Scroll compressors are the modern solution when it comes to the world of  HVAC. As you’re going to learn, they have a ton of useful traits. Scroll Compressors, a customary type of compressors that are basically utilized in refrigeration and cooling frameworks. Scroll air compressors are ideal for constant wind stream for […]


PRYES COMPRESSORS  PRYES – Oxygen Plant air compressor finds intensive usage in air separation industries and gas plants also. Equipped with powerful motors, our compressor is that a good choice that clients will simply rely on. we have a tendency to create an accessible oxygen/gas Plant compressor with four-stage balance double-acting reciprocatory inline compressors. we […]

Food &Beverage Air Compressor

Contact: A contact system is described as compressed air that comes into direct contact with food items. To ensure food safety, this compressed air must be adequately purified and filtered. It’s also important to keep the dewpoint of contact compressed air at the right level to avoid microbial growth. The British Compressed Air Society recommends […]