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Oil Free Air Compressor

Dry Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

Level 0 oil-free, that is, the total oil content (oil brought in during compression + oil vapor in the air) index reaches ≤0.01mg/m³

Dry Oil Free

“Oil-free” means that the gas is not in contact with oil at all during the compression process, that is, there is no oil lubrication between the compression chamber or the rotor of the compressor, but the bearings, gears, and other parts in the compressor are still lubricated with ordinary lubricants. Lubricated in the same way, but between these lubricating parts and the compression chamber, an effective isolation shaft seal is adopted.

22W Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

37KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

55KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

75KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

90KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

110KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

132KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

145KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

160KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

200KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

250KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

275KW Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor

Advantages of Dry Oil Free

Clean and oil-free — The air compression chamber of the dry oil-free screw is completely sealed with the oil chamber. Once the lubricating oil in the oil chamber enters the compression chamber, the compressed air will contain lubricating oil. Therefore, in order to prolong and provide reliable sealing, Sollant has no In the oil screw compressor, a wear-free sealing system with a stainless steel spring-loaded metal ring is used on the air side, and a wear-free sealing system with a copper labyrinth seal is used on the lubricating oil side.

 Low noise and environmental protection — The high speed of the dry oil-free unit determine that the noise of the unit is high-frequency noise. Sollant’s dry oil-free main engine is designed with a shell jacket, which reduces the high-frequency noise transmission of the main engine, and uses cooling water to reduce the temperature of the main engine. A pipe muffler is installed at the outlet of each compression host to reduce the high-frequency noise transmitted to the customer’s use end along with the pipeline.

 Stabilize — The surface of the screw and the interior of the shell adopt specially customized coating materials and coating processes to ensure high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, acid, and alkali resistance, and wear resistance of the rotor, and improve the service life; the reliability of the non-contact unsealed structure Good; High temperature and high pressure resistant bearing design greatly improve bearing service life; Jacket type liquid cooling shell, good cooling effect; Gear shaft seal leakage prevention design, even if the seal fails, it can leak back to the oil tank; The cooler is installed vertically, side suction top row structure, large unit adopts split cooler to reduce thermal stress and increase stability.

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