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Air compressors are frequently used to power a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices. The potential energy stored in compressor tanks is released in a controlled manner in the form of kinetic energy to provide the power required to actuate pneumatic devices or to perform cleaning operations.

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Electric air compressors use electric motors to store potential energy in the form of pressurized air. Though less expensive than their gas-powered counterparts, these compressors require a closely situated electrical power source since they cannot be used with extension cords.

Electric air compressors typically feature start and stop switches, which take appropriate action depending on the measured pressure levels. Electric compressors are also relatively quiet and do not emit hazardous fumes, making them ideal for indoor use.

Available in portable or permanent styles, electric air compressors are best suited for smaller jobs.



Compressed air is used extensively in the fabrication of electrical and electronics devices. The low impact nature and high energy conversion efficiency of compressed air make it a preferred option for a wide range of industrial purposes. One of the primary uses of compressed air in electronics is printed circuit board (PCB) cleaning. Compressed air provides a non-obstructive, low impact, and non-abrasive way of removing unwanted matter from these sensitive electronic components after production.

Compressed air is also used to operate pick-and-place equipment. These robotic machines are used for high-speed, high-precision placement of various electrical components including capacitors, resistors, and integrated circuits on printed circuit boards. Pick-and-place machines are also used in manufacturing industries to transport items from one process to another.

Controlled amounts of compressed air are delivered to specific parts of the robot via a tubing system and efficiently converted into mechanical energy. Pneumatic systems are seen as a viable replacement for servo, electric, and hydraulic powered systems in many applications.

Air compressors can be used in numerous other electric and electronic applications including:

  1. Cable pressurization
  2. Surface mounting technology, de-soldering, and test equipment in electronics manufacturing
  3. Telescopic antennas
  4. Air knives in the production of electronics