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Air compressors are frequently used to power a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices. The potential energy stored in compressor tanks is released in a controlled manner in the form of kinetic energy to provide the power required to actuate pneumatic devices or to perform cleaning operations.

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Electric air compressors store potential energy in the form of pressured air using electric motors. Though less expensive than their gasoline-powered equivalents, these compressors require a close proximity to an electrical power supply, as extension cables cannot be used.

Typically, electric air compressors include start and stop switches that operate in accordance with the observed pressure levels. Additionally, electric compressors are generally quiet and generate no toxic gases, making them perfect for use indoors.

Electric air compressors, which are available in portable or stationary models, are best suited for minor jobs.


Compressed air is heavily utilised in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic devices. Compressed air is a favored option for a wide variety of industrial applications due to its low environmental effect and high energy conversion efficiency. Compressed air is frequently used in electronics for cleaning printed circuit boards (PCBs). Compressed air is a non-obstructive, low-impact, and non-abrasive method of cleaning these delicate electronic components following manufacture.

Additionally, compressed air is used to power pick-and-place machinery. These robotic robots are used to insert various electrical components such as capacitors, resistors, and integrated circuits on printed circuit boards at rapid speeds and with excellent precision. Pick-and-place devices are also used in manufacturing to move goods between processes.

Through a tubing system, controlled amounts of pressurized air are fed to specified sections of the robot and efficiently converted to mechanical energy. Pneumatic systems are viewed as a feasible alternative to servo, electric, and hydraulic systems in a wide variety of applications.

Air compressors can be used in numerous other electric and electronic applications including:

  1. Cable pressurization
  2. Surface mounting technology, de-soldering, and test equipment in electronics manufacturing
  3. Telescopic antennas
  4. Air knives in the production of electronics
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