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          Industries, Production Units and manufacturing units are growing rapidly in numbers and so are the equipment needed for the process. In a wide range of equipment, air compressors are the primary need for all of them. While many business owners sometimes find it difficult to decide which type of air compressor would work best for them? The most common type of air compressor is the screw  compressor manufacturer which has its own unique features. The main purpose of Screw air compressor manufactured by PRS compressors is “Easy Maintenance” it also provides purified and fresh air that is best suited for all the potential users from various industries.


          As the name suggests, screw. It basically uses two helical shaped screws with a micron gap between them to compress the air. They are also named as air end or element in industrial segment. The two helical screws sits inside the air end chamber with their end mounted on bearings for smooth rotation. They are good energy conservers – Rotary screw compressors are generally energy efficient, and they generate less heat than normal air compressors. They consume less oil than other oil flooded air compressors. In addition, they have minimum oil carryovers.


          The basic parts of screw air compressors are O-Ring seal, Thrust bearings, Inlet bearing, Shaft seal, Sump, Inlet valve, outlet valve. The screw air compressors mainly  comprises of intelligent micro-computer controller and the components are, air end, electric motor, oil tank. The Intelligent microcomputer control system consists of an LCD which can show the present temperature, working pressure, accumulative working time, malfunction, etc. The other features are advanced screw air end, Energy efficient combination cooler and spin on three stage separator. Air from Energy efficient combination coolers provides sustainable and efficient operation in high temperature separators and leaves cabinets through the combination largest cooler.


          Screw compressors designed by PRYES have 25 to 30 percent higher energy efficiency than piston compressors. Screw compressor manufacturer have a lot less noise and vibration than piston compressors. In screw compressors, portable parts have been used a little and most of the components are static and the oil plays an important role in the air carrier, so it is very low in scrounge devices.

Reverse in piston compressors due to the number of moving parts, including rims – crankshaft, shaftron, piston, valves, propeller, etc., as well as inertia in returning compressors, in addition to shaking and creating high energy loss and high wear and tear And wear will be in pieces. In order to install the load / unload system, the compressor does not stop completely when the pressure of the reservoir reaches the desired pressure, and when the automatic pressure is lowered out of the idling state and the air produces Therefore, a lower-capacity reservoir can be used.


Screw compressors in excess of 2000 liters per minute have a lower maintenance load than piston compressors. This is the most qualitative of the temperature of the outlet air and the amount of oiled air in the outlet, which will remain constant by switching the filters in good hours of air quality. In the screw compressors, the trap phenomenon has completely disappeared.

In the screw compressors there is no dead space between the piston and the valve plate that causes the device to drop down. These compressors have low specific power consumption which reduces the cost highly on energy bills. They are designed to stand by themselves and are known for their long life span. The high-efficiency cooling fan provides sound levels as low as 70 dB. With less noise level these compressors provide a less stressful work environment for employees.


      These are the major features and advantages of rotary screw compressors manufactured by PRS compressors private limited company.

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