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Oil-Free Air Compressors How Do They Work?

The quality of compressed air is solely dependent on its degree of purity. Oil exposure makes it more difficult to maintain clean air, which raises your costs, especially if you utilise more and more air in your operation. Numerous businesses are switching to oil-less or lubricant-free air compressors to address this issue. Oil-free compressors are becoming more popular these days due to the savings that they provide.

Oil-Free vs. Oil-Inject

In many applications, even a small drop of oil or oil-contaminated air can cause product deterioration, recalls, or damage processing equipment. Your facility’s individual application will decide the sort of air compressor you need.

In high-risk situations like medical procedures and food manufacturing, an oil-free compressed air is a necessary. Oil-injected air compressors are utilised in areas where oil is not as critical, such as general manufacturing, industrial, and small workshops.

Benefits to Using Oil Free Air?

By not filtering oil, oil-free air compressor technology saves you money on expensive filter replacements. In this way, oil condensate treatment costs are reduced while energy loss due to lowering filter pressure is reduced as well. Then there’s the issue of the influence on the environment. With the help of oil-free air compressors, you contribute to environmental protection while also helping to meet international standards. Leaks and energy consumption are reduced, and condensate treatments (and the collection/disposal of condensate) are no longer required. You’ve also saved money on oil because your compressor no longer needs to be refilled. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about contaminating your final product or process with oil, which means you won’t suffer any reputational damage or financial losses.

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