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Air Compressor Dryer

Desiccant Type of Dryer

The general working principle of desiccant air dryers is simple: moist air flows over hygroscopic material (desiccant) and is thereby dried. The exchange of water vapor from the moist compressed air into the desiccant causes the desiccant to gradually be saturated with adsorbed water.

Refrigerated Air Dryer Working Principle

Refrigerated Air Dryer is according as air freeze principle . The water would been separated out from compressed air by cooling equipment and separator when the air temperature is dew point temperature, then the water would been vented by drain valve on automatic . At the same time, the solid granule of more than 3μ and oil would been removed . So the air is clean and dry.

20CFM Desiccant Type Air Dryer

40CFM Desiccant Type Air Dryer

60CFM Desiccant Type Air Dryer

80CFM Desiccant Type Air Dryer

Procedure Flow

Production’s work includes air system and cooling system:
● Air system:

The compressed air that has water and oil go to the heating exchanger of air vs air, so compressed air will be cool and some water will be got rid of, then it will go to the heating exchanger again, and the compressed air’s temperature is dew point(2-10℃). All of water oil and some impurity would be coagulated. Water oil and some impurities would be separated by separator and the water oil would be drained by automatic valve. The temperature of dry compressed air would be increased by heating ex-changer and export. Thereby, it can prevent the sweat phenomena on the pipe.

●Cooling system:

First, the microtherm liquid cryogen be vaporized to gaseity in the refrigerated exchanger. The gaseity cryogen will go to refrigerated compressor from cryogen outlet of exchanger through liquefier and air-filter. The liquefier and air-filter’s function is prevent liquid cryogen and impurity from entering compressor. Then, compressor will compress the air from low temperature and pressure to high temperature and pressure.  air will go to condenser and the others go to the air vs air exchanger by bypass valve adjust. The condenser and tank can ensure cryogen is liquid on the inlet of bulgy valve. At last, Liquid cryogen will go to air vs air refrigerated exchanger and refrigerate compressed air. Thereby, new cycle will start again.

The cryogen heating exchanger temperature and pressure of air vs air cryogen will hoist when loading is increased, and expend hole will open more by bulgy valve sensor till new balance were came into being. The bypass valve will provide a exterior load by automatic when the load is too low. It can avoid low pressure.

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